February 18, 2012


There are about 1,000 Kenyan students who learn Japanese language at various institutions, which is among the highest in Africa. Furthermore, Nairobi and Cairo are the only exam centers in Africa where the learners can sit for iinternational Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT).

Together with Embassy of Japan, Japanese Teachers’ Association of Kenya (JALTAK), established in 2002 to promote activities related to Japanese language education, has been annually organizing two major events, that is, the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and Japanese Speech Contest over the recent years.

The Japanese speech contest is meant to encourage the learners of the language and also to promote the cultural exchange between Kenya and Japan. Special thanks goes to Japan Foundation, Toyota Kenya, JICA and other companies and individuals who kindly sponsored this event.

Thank you very much for coming to Japanese Speech Contest 2012 today. It is our sincere wish that you enjoy the whole event.


9:30 Arrival and registration of participants
Arrival of Guests
10:00   Opening and Preliminaries – MC
Opening Address : HIs excellency Mr. Toshihisa Takata, Ambassador of Japan to the Republic of Kenya
10:20   Contest Speeches (contestants 1-15)
12:20 Entertainment Break
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Contest Speeches (contestants 16-26)
15:20 Entertainment Break
16:10 Announcement of the Winners and Comment by Chief Judge Mr Jun Arisue
16:25 Closing Remark by K. Nakamura, Chairman, JALTAK
16:30 END


(A) My Favorite Japanese Word
(B) What I want to tell Japanese people about Kenya
(C)My most surprising experience


1) Daniel Areba Machoka
(Engineer, Studied 2 years an 6 months)
2) Josephine Karumwa
(USIU University Student, Studied 6 months)
3) Sylvia Nabwire Obiero
(Kenyatta University Student, Studied 1 year)
4) Cynthia Wairimu Murimi
(Strathmore University Student, Studied 2 years)
5) David Wagude
(Kenyatta University Student, Studied 2 years)
6) Festus Cheruiyot
(USIU University Student, Studied 200 hours)
7) Victor Rubahimbya
Makerere University, Uganda, Studied 1 year)
8) Ann Wanjiku Mwangi
(Student, Studied 4 months)
9) Patrick Murage Kamonde
(Kenyatta University Student, Studied 1 year and 3 months)
10) Esther Meeuwissen
(10 years in Japan)
11) Mshamba Bavon Ngura
(Chavakali High School Student, Studied 1 year)
12) Ruth Mukulu Mulandi
(Kenyatta University Student, Studied 1 year)
13) Bryan Mbugua Kamunyu
(USIU University Student, Studied 200 hours)
14) Gina Ashimosi
(Strathmore University Student, Studied 2 years)
15) Njeri Kagema
(Kenyatta University Student, 1 year in Japan and Studied 1 year and 6 months)
16) Echaminya Mbarani
(Strathmore University Student, Studied 6 months)
17) Johnkirk Gikonyo Muchiri
(Kenyatta University Student, Studied 1 year)
18) Thairu Kevin Hinga
(USIU University Student, Studied 7 motnths)
19) Filigona Achola Mikenye
(Massage Therapist, 3 years in Japan and Studied 1 year and 6 months)
20) Michael Ochieng
(Strathmore University Student, Studied 2 years)
21) Luke Davies
(Hillcrest High School Student, Studied 5 months)
22) Marvin Gichaga
(Chavakali High School Student, Studied 8 months)
23) Newton Malala Ojiambo
(Kenyatta University Student, Studied 6 months)
24) Hiromi Midika Hashimoto
(Student, 2 months in Japan)
25) Omosa Elijah
(Teacher, Studied 10 months)
26) Wanda Masinde
(USIU University Student, Studied 2 years)


1) Thika Children’s Rescue Centre
2) Ngotho Gathu
3) Chavakali High School
4) Kipkeino Primary School
5) Getathuru Rehabilitation School
6) Karatina Girls High School
7) Bishop Gatimu Ngandu Girls High School
8) Thelyan Children’s Home
9) Tumutumu Girls High School
10) Grand Kago Academy
11) Utalii College
12) Enedaresha Boys High School
13) Kerugoya Girls High School
14) Gataragua Girls High School
15) Nyandarua Boarding Primary School


1st: Japanese Learner’s Electronic Dictionary
2nd: Sanyo TV / Japanese vocabulary book
3rd: Nakumatt Shopping voucher worth 4,000 ksh (from Sumitomo Corporation) / Japanese dictionary
Toyota Kenya Award: Special Trophy / Japanese dictionary
Outstanding Performance: Japanese Grammar Book

For all the contestants: Chopstick / Nisshin bandana / Stationery
For all the participants of the entertainment: Nisshin bandana



2012 Japanese Language Speech Contest in Kenya (How to apply)

February 5, 2012

Kenya Japanese Language Speech Contest

Date : 25th February 2012 10am start
Venue : Japanese Embassy (JICC)

How to apply
1) Choose one theme and prepare the speech of 3-5 minutes.
THEME [A] My favorite Japanese word.
THEME [B] What I want to tell Japanese people about Kenya.
THEME [C] What I was surprised the most at in my life.
2) Send your speech to “jaltak.sc2012@gmail.com” by 31st January 2012.
Make sure to write your full name, occupation, age, telephone number, e-mail address and how long you learned Japanese
3) Wait for communication from the organizing committee.

Poster Download


JALTAK Journal vol.2

January 29, 2012


JICC前所長 挨拶
JICC新所長 挨拶
第4回 ケニア スピーチコンテスト
My experiences in Japan
Kisumu children’s festival
New books on the JLPT

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JALTAK Journal vol.1

March 19, 2011


JICC所長 挨拶
My experience in Japan

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January 7, 2011